The William Woods Hassler Award

William Woods Hassler was President of Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the author of A. P. Hill: Lee’s Forgotten General; Confederate Heroes and Heroines and other books. He passed away on September 26, 1997 at the age of 80. Throughout his long career as a historian and educator, Dr. Hassler strived to help aspiring historians and students of the War. In 1993, inspired by Dr. Hassler’s special example, the Hassler Award was inaugurated to honor individuals who make especially meritorious contributions to the field of Civil War education.

Dr. Hassler was presented with the first award, and subsequent recipients have been William C. Davis, Robert K. Krick, Benjamin G. Moore, Gary W. Gallagher, Kent Masterson Brown, Charles P. Roland, Jeffry D. Wert, Carol Reardon, Brandon H. Beck and Stephen Lee Ritchie.

The Benjamin and Louise Moore Award

In the early years of Civil War Education Association, Colonel Benjamin and Louise Moore of Butler, Georgia were our foremost ambassadors of fellowship and goodwill. After their passing, Civil War Education Association established an award in their name to honor those who have made contributions of exceptional service to our Association.

Award recipients have been Wallace R. Hoppe in 2006, Henry P. Trawick, Jr. in 2012, and David Kerns in 2015.

The Donald A. Weiland Spirit of Gettysburg Award

Donald A. Weiland of Lexington, Ohio was one of the most popular members of the Civil War Education Association (CWEA), and a long time attendee of Gettysburg battlefield tours. Always, when attending such tours, he brought along his grandson, Zachery A. Fry. Over the years, Don served as a major influence in helping Zack develop into an outstanding Gettysburg scholar and tour guide. On September 3, 2011, Don and his wife, Dorie, were the recipients of the Spirit of Gettysburg Award, given periodically to an individual or individuals for exceptional contributions of goodwill and support during CWEA Gettysburg tours. On November 19, 2011, Don passed away at the age of 75. On June 16, 2012, in recognition of the truly special efforts made by Don, particularly in mentoring Zack, the CWEA renamed the award to the Donald A. Weiland Spirit of Gettysburg Award

Recipients of the award include Frank Stouter of Wyckoff, New Jersey; Paul Dorsette of Rockville, Maryland; Skip Hadley of Waterbury, Connecticut; Joseph Veto of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; David Engel of Gibsonia, Pennsylvania; Donald Sangirardi of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Randall Grimsley of Towson, Maryland; Roger and Lynn Heller of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; Randy, Jodie and Zack Fry of Lexington, Ohio; Domenick Cervi of White Plains, New York; Steven Harpold of Springfield, Missouri; Joseph Mee of Celebration, Florida; Richard Kauffman of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Craig and Lisa Breneiser of Reading, Pennsylvania; the Stephen Swett Family of Darien, Connecticut; Patrick Gordon of Columbus, Ohio; Glenn Williams of Tulsa, Oklahoma; John Walter of Auburn, New York, and Greg Kauffman of Lewisville, Texas.

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