What was once called The Great War has largely been overlooked, obscured by the vivid moral clarities of the greater war that followed. World War I was a bloody preview of World War II - machine guns, air and submarine warfare, poison gas - these were technologies that applied the tools of mass production to human slaughter. Killing became impersonal, mechanical and vast....

Once again, in late January, we will land on the warm white sands of Lido Beach with a combined task force of distinguished World War II historians and decorated World War II combat veterans - for the 2017 World War II Conference! And you should Join Us!

  • Hear leading historians' carefully crafted presentations...

We are pleased to announce a comprehensive tour of Chancellorsville! And leading it will be the Chancellorsville expert Bob Krick, who was responsible for the battlefield site for more than thirty years. This tour should greatly please those who have never toured Chancellorsville, as well as those who have been there even many times before - because Krick...

With Thomas A. Reinhart and John R. Maass (Wednesday 7:30 PM-Saturday 5:00 PM) – includes 3 lunches, Friday dinner and an excursion by ferry boat to St. Michaels.

Registration Fee: $595

Itinerary and Lodging information to be announced shortly.

ROBERT E. LEE - no general in American history has attracted so much attention and adoration. Dwight D. Eisenhower described him as a man "unsullied as I read the pages of our history." Winston Churchill said Lee was "one of the noblest Americans who ever lived, and one of the greatest captains known to the annals of war."

On Thursday evening...

We thought about creating an event such as this for a long time – a corollary to our annual Sarasota, Florida symposium in January – a program in an appealing place at which folks could learn much about Civil War history from top authorities, while making friends, dining well, browsing books, and the like. Sarasota has the warm, white sands of Lido Beach in the throes of winter...

“The moment I saw the brilliant proud morning rise high over the desert of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul. New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I ever had. It certainly changed me forever.” – D. H. Lawrence

New Mexico is rightly named “The Land of Enchantment.”  The...


We mourn the passing of the courageous World War II combat veteran and our dear friend with whom we were privileged to tour the Normandy Campaign in 2007, and with whom we spent much quality time in recent years at our annual Sarasota, Florida World War II Conference. Hal Baumgarten died on Christmas Day in the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida. He was 91. Many of you reading this came to love Hal and wife Rita through our collaborations with them and will want to send condolences to Rita and family at 1301 1st Street S, Apt 1205, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250 – or halrit@comcast.net

Please see this article: http://jacksonville.com/news/2016-12-27/one-last-greatest-generation-pas...


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  • The Sarasota World War I and World War II Conferences are coming FAST!

    There's still time to sign up for these exciting programs!

    Find complete schedules of speakers and topics for the ...

  • ANNAPOLIS "Great Cities Tour" Added to 2017 Schedule + an expanded Shenandoah Valley Conference & Tour now scheduled:


The William Woods Hassler Award

  • Honoring individuals who make especially meritorious contributions to the field of Civil War education.

The Benjamin and Louise Moore Award

  • Awarded to honor those who have made contributions of exceptional service to our organization.

The Donald A. Weiland Spirit of Gettysburg Award

  • Presented periodically to an individual or individuals for exceptional contributions of goodwill and support during CWEA Gettysburg tours.


Join us for this rare opportunity to tour with Robert K. Krick as he leads our 2 day tour, Lee and Jackson at Chancellorsville, April 27-29. Interest is high and this tour is selling fast!

JOIN US ON THE TRAIL THIS YEAR! We have a very exciting selection of programs.

Here's a synopsis of our 2017 conferences and tours:


The base camp for our long planned annual Civil War Summer Symposium, beginning in August, 2017 at Spring Mill State Historic Park – a sylvan setting, family friendly, affordable, and a WORLD CLASS FACULTY OF HISTORIANS. Do four things please:

Great Locomotive Chase Recap


CWEA recently hosted a two day tour of the Great Locomotive Chase (aka Andrews Raid) based in Chattanooga.  Historians Norman Dasinger and Brandon Beck led the spirited group on a vigorous tour, the highlight of which was a Saturday trip aboard a 1904 steam train. Brandon served as a co-engineer as we traveled through Chattanooga's Missionary Ridge via the pre-war tunnel used by General Patrick Cleburne during the November, 1864 battle.

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